Things & Thinks XVII-2020 in Review

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Thread 1-Patch-up innovation doesn’t work, especially in healthcare

  • One big message from the pandemic mayhem is how complex, interlinked and interdependent our world is and how that reflects in the already hyper-linked healthcare system. My suggestion-
  • Supply chain and logistics used to be treated as the boring parts of the healthcare machinery. Not anymore; case in point, this spy-movie themed story about sourcing PPE kits in the US- it involves camouflage, FBI agents, Department of Homeland Security and calling US Congress!
  • Non-linearity in feedback loops, bounded rationality and nested systems are some of the concepts we continue to ignore when we think of healthcare in fragments vs healthcare as a system.
  • In the end, even breakthrough innovation can take a while to show ‘overnight success’; take the example of electricity and its impact on manufacturing to illustrate this diffusion-when the electric dynamo was as old as the web is now, factory owners were still attached to steam. The really big changes were only just appearing on the horizon.

Thread 2-Digital isn’t ‘everything’ but it can be ‘something’

Thread 3-Never forget the impact empathy and listening can have in healthcare

  • Probably the most inspiring healthcare personality in 2020 is Dr Anthony Fauci; his profile inn New Yorker is one of the best things I read during the year. He says being physician is ‘perfect melding of both humanities and classics’; I think this applies to everyone who is passionate about healthcare problems and will keep driving their innovation and impact quotient!

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