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I am excited to start publishing my newsletter on Revue from this month onwards. This will be the 30th edition overall and the first edition of this year as well as on Revue! This time, the research digest contains three papers that discuss important challenges in healthcare innovation. …

This, the 29th edition of Things & Thinks, will be the last edition of the year 2021. A lot of news about tech in digital health, about several new deals and M&A and a beautiful long read about public health’s conundrum! Happy reading and see you in the new year!

Research Digest

2021 has been flying by so fast and I cannot believe that we are already just about a month away before this year ends! As usual, a lot of activity has picked up towards the year end, which reflects in this edition of Things & Thinks.

Research Digest

  • There is a lot…

After the mid-year edition of Half & Half, I took a gap last month. This month I am back with another fantastic conversation!

Mohan Raghavan is Assistant Professor at IIT Hyderabad’s Biomedical Engineering department. He was also a co-founder and head of the Centre for Healthcare entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad…

Santosh Shevade

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