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Healthcare sector’s interests in digitization and use of algorithmic decision making has continued to increase for past several years. As a follow-up to last year’s publication review, here are some thoughts on the state of publications for AI/ML publications in 2020. Before we plunge into the specifics, I would like to quote some interesting findings about regulatory reviews of such interventions from two recent commentaries and provide a handy guide about reading such literature.

When AI isn’t all that revolutionary

Politico’s newsletter cites Rock Health, which gathers data on early stage tech companies;

Rock Health reported a 96 percent increase in funding to AI companies selling…

One of the unintended consequences of writing this fortnightly newsletter over the last year has been a (dis)proportionate increase in learning new areas of healthcare innovation and questions/curiosities related to these areas. I have also been pleasantly surprised how this has generated new topics for discussions.

Hence this month onwards, Things & Thinks will be in a dialog with a leader in healthcare innovation and we will call it Half & Half. Through this dialog we will get to know some thoughts on healthcare and some on personal leadership journeys from these fascinating people. …

It won’t be an exaggeration to call 2020 as an epoch-making year for everyone and so it has been for me too. At the beginning of the year, there was the usual looking back at 2019 & making plans for the year to come; but within the first quarter, almost every single of those plans had to be looked at and reworked again, (and again and again). One thing that kept me going was my reading (old habit) and writing (newly found habit). When I look back at my 2020 in lockdowns, social distancing and overall pandemic anxieties, these habits…

🎉🥂 Things & Thinks comes of age 🥂🎉

This is the 21st issue of my newsletter and I am happy to have started writing this curation-in the process of curating and writing monthly, I have learn so many things I would have missed by just being on the reading carousel. In this issue, I write about Pharma’s 2020 R&D spends and revenues, and about mRNA codes being published on Github! I bring together the usual mix of the important news from the digital health world, a Chart of the Fortnight and a Tweet of the Fortnight. Happy Reading!

Pharma R&D expenditure and revenues in 2020

I analysed FiercePharma’s annual review of Top 10 pharma R&D…


India’s digital health records system should enhance its signal-to-noise ratio, incorporate interoperability by design and improve user experience by learning from other such systems globally.

✨India’s journey towards Digital Health Records

There is a lot of excitement in India about digitization of healthcare. The Indian government, over the past few years, has released a series of vision documents and policies enlisting several goals towards digital health, electronic health records and other such innovations. Not stopping at such vision documents and policies, there are also interesting experiments being run including the Regulatory Sandbox started by the government’s National Health Authority for innovators to try out experiments on…

Since the launch of this newsletter, apart from receiving enthusiastic reader responses, a selfish benefit for me has been to get to spend time with people that I enjoy chatting with on everything under the sun!

This month we meet Mahesh Iyer, Vice President, GDO Innovation Lead and GDO Head, India at Parexel. Mahesh is a dear friend and an ex-colleague with whom I worked in many avatars, most recently as a co-founder for our consultancy, Sineflex Solutions. A leader with the gravitas of an eloquent speaker, he brings with him deep expertise in biostatistics, on-the-ground experience in biopharma working…

In this issue of my fortnightly newsletter, I review an interesting paper on AIML product approvals by USFDA and EU. I follow this up with a superb, thought-provoking reflections on user-centered design. As usual, I also curate some of the important news from the digital health world, and we end with a Chart of the Month and a Tweet of the Month.

AIML device approvals-comparison between USFDA and EU pathways

Let’s begin with this interesting paper published in The Lancet.

I launched this monthly dialog series to get to know thoughts on healthcare and personal leadership journeys from leaders in the healthcare sector and already received enthusiastic feedback from several readers for the first edition.

This month, we meet Ashima Bhatia, Senior VP and Head Global Clinical Development at Wockhardt Ltd.; she describes herself as ‘a passionate health care professional, mom to my beautiful princess and blessed with a loving supportive husband and family’. Ashima has led teams in several organisations in challenging roles across clinical development, clinical operations and medical affairs for the last 20 years. …

This is a busy edition! I have curated some headline healthcare AI news and Big-Tech’s splendid headway through 2020, followed by an interesting perspective on hedging for failures. As usual, the newsletter ends with a Chart of the Fortnight and a Tweet of the Fortnight. Happy Reading!

State of AI and healthcare

Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth published fantastic overview of progress in artificial intelligence in 2020 with their compilation-State of AI report. I reviewed the report’s healthcare angle and here are the nuggets-

  • The overarching ‘big ticket’ advancement for 2020 seems like the several advances we have had in drug discovery. The report lists…

Every year-end, we see a flurry of predictions about what the new year will bring. While some of these are based on the actual trends with which things are progressing currently, majority of these trends/predictions tend to put a positive spin to the whole exercise. Considering a gloomy, drag-down year that 2020 was, the hype machine for 2021 has especially been over-productive! I looked at several such predictions and parsed through them to spot some of the real underlying trends in this article.

(Note-there were several trends pointing out to investments/M&As, global health politics, and consumerism. …

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